Permalink Earned my big breakfast after Les Mills Grit Strength 08 this morning!   (at Madeleine Fine Cafe House)
Permalink Afternoon tea with ♡  (at Sagrada Família)
Permalink Breakfast for the Princess!   (at Chocolate Apartment)
Permalink Morning run in Barca!  (at Arc de Triomf)
Permalink Spring is here. ♡  (at Brindleyplace)
Permalink 在外国求学的我们或许很就没妈妈的爱心鸡汤了。我想家了。 (at Cath’s Crib)
Permalink Saying goodbye doesn’t mean anything.  It’s the time that we spent together matters, not how we left it. You and I will meet again soon. Take care my friend. Xxx
Permalink Goodbyes are not the end. #farewelldinner  (at Lochfyne)
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